This website belongs to ILFORD RENTING S.L., with Tax I.D. No. B63375810 and registered address at calle Sensat, number 6, local 21.2 "El Centre de la Vila", Barcelona (CP 08005), contact email address

The use of reservation channels from the page entails acceptance of these conditions.


ILFORD RENTING understands that when contracting its services, the customer will have accepted these general terms and conditions without reservation, terms and conditions that she/he has been able to read and accept beforehand.


ILFORD RENTING provides information, through this website, regarding its services and the characteristics of these services. It does so with the utmost diligence and accuracy. For greater security and guarantees in favour of the customer, the information contained in the description of the services does not bind the customer or ILFORD RENTING until the confirmation of the acceptance by ILFORD RENTING.

ILFORD RENTING presents its services on the website with a detailed description. However, the images that appear on the screen and other details may differ slightly from the actual details due to the technical process of reproduction and presentation on the website. If in any doubt, we ask that before you make the reservation, please

The amounts of each service detail the applicable taxes and may also include other expenses. Before ordering the payment, the Customer can learn the details of these amounts.


The Customer has a form that allows her/him to detail the services that she/he wants to contract. Once ILFORD RENTING has received this form, it will make a budget available to the Customer in her/his personal area, with the details and amount of the services requested. After consulting and accepting the budget, the Customer may proceed to the payment for the services contracted by means of a bank card through secure platforms. Alternatively, the Customer may simply enter the details of the bank card and subsequently pay the amount for the service to the driver of the vehicle. In the case that she/he wants to obtain complementary services to those detailed in the budget, the Customer agrees to pay for them directly to the driver. If she/he does not do so, it is agreed that ILFORD RENTING will charge the amount for these services using the card data provided.


ILFORD RENTING will not assume any obligation for the service provision until it receives confirmation that the Customer has made the payment or has entered and sent the bank card data. Once the contracting has been confirmed, the Customer will receive a message of conformity detailing the amounts paid or pending payment and the details of the service that has been contracted, within the following 24 hours.


The Customer may cancel the contracting process at any time and leave said process. This cancellation will dissociate ILFORD RENTING from any obligation with the Customer.


The documents resulting from the contracting process shall be kept in electronic format and shall be permanently available to the Customer.

Although ILFORD RENTING always tries to have the services that it advertises through its website available, it may exceptionally be the case that it is not able to offer a service requested by the customer. In this event, ILFORD RENTING will inform the Customer of the term within which the selected service will be available. In the case of inability to provide the service, ILFORD RENTING may propose a service of equivalent quality and price to the Customer. The Customer may reject these alternatives and ILFORD RENTING shall be obliged to make immediate repayment of the amounts paid by the Customer.

ILFORD RENTING will issue an invoice detailing the services contracted and rendered. ILFORD RENTING recalls that, in compliance with current regulations, it will not be able to subsequently modify the invoice data that will be issued in the name of the individual or company that contracts its services.



The Client may proceed to cancel the services contracted with ILFORD RENTING in the following manner:


- Rental of utility vehicles and minivans;

24 hours before the service: cancellation with refund of amounts paid.

Between 24 and 12 hours before the service: cancellation with right of return of 50% of the amount for the service.

Less than 12 hours before the service: cancellation without right of return.


- Minibus and bus rental;

48 hours before the service: cancellation with refund of amounts paid.

Between 48 and 24 hours before the service: cancellation with right of return of 50% of the amount for the service.

Less than 24 hours before the service: cancellation without right of return.



Personal details

The personal data of the Customer will be added to a file created by ILFORD RENTING for the management of commercial relations with its customers. They will not be ceded to third parties except in the cases provided for by law. They may be used for the sending of commercial information about services similar to those contracted by the Customer. The customer may object to the sending of this information at any time. The Customer may also exercise her/his rights of access to data, rectification, opposition to processing and cancellation by contacting ILFORD RENTING in the manner that is most convenient.